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For appointments and questions  +31 (0)412 64 68 39. Every day, preferably between 09.00 and 18.00 hours, also during the weekend.

For questions and births +31 (0)6 536 731 67. When you get the semaphone, chose option 1, we will call you back as soon as possiblie. When you are calling for a birth or emergency and we can not answer you will be redirected towards the semaphone. Enter your phonenumber and we will call you back as soon as possible.
If we do not call you back soon enough, please call hospital Bernhoven +31 (0)413-404040, leave your name and phone number and the will contact us, so we can call you back directly.

For registering as a new client +31 (0)412 64 68 39. Every day, also during the weekend.


Location Oss

Molenstraat 42, 5341GD Oss (Free parking)

+31 (0)412 64 68 39

Location Berghem

Gezondheidscentrum Berghem, Molenweg 2, 5351 EV Berghem

+31 (0)412 64 68 39

Location Heesch

Dienstencentrum Cereslaan, Cereslaan 2D, 5384 VT Heesch

+31 (0)412 64 68 39

Location Schaijk

Bossestraat 6, 5374 HT Schaijk (lokatie fystiotherapiepraktijk Schaijk)

+31 (0)412 64 68 39

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